About Us

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What Makes Next Level Partners Different

The Next Level Partners staff is available via phone, email, gchat and text. We want you to reach out whenever you have a question or issue even if it’s just minor and may not warrant a full phone call. While we do keep normal office hours, and I strive to let our staff have a work-life balance so that we can work diligently throughout the whole cycle, we realize that things do not always happen during 9 AM-5 PM. As such, our base office hours are 10 AM – 6 PM. We do get phone calls and texts outside these hours since we know political organizations don’t work normal hours.

Pricing Philosophy
We want to create a relationship with our clients and an environment where the client feels they can contact anytime with any question. We are accessible via phone, email, and even gchat! Our pricing is without hidden fees, hourly charges or win bonuses. We want our clients to reach out before there is a problem and know that we are thinking about them every day and not just when they call us with a project.

Next Level Partners is located above Bullfeathers Restaurant at the corner of 1st and D Sts SE. Our  location enables us to easily pick up and drop off items around Capitol Hill. This includes other PAC fundraiser offices and the DCCC.  Our location also makes it easy for PACs to messenger checks over especially during the end of quarter crunch time.

NLP Employees
All Next Level Partners employees go through a thorough background check and sign a non-disclosure agreement. We think this is important to ensure that all employees can be entrusted with the accounting and finances of our clients.

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Our Team

[us_person image=”3826″ name=”Jennifer May” role=”Founder & CEO” link=”url:%2Fabout%2Fmeet-the-team%2Fjennifer-may%2F” email=”jennifer@nextlevelpartners.net” linkedin=”https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennifermmay” external=””][/us_person]
[us_person image=”3837″ name=”Dan Redinger” role=”President” link=”url:%2Fabout%2Fmeet-the-team%2Fdan-redinger%2F” email=”dan@nextlevelpartners.net” linkedin=”https://www.linkedin.com/pub/daniel-redinger/36/12/56b” external=””][/us_person]
[us_person image=”3831″ name=”Rachel Headley” role=”Senior Associate” link=”url:%2Fabout%2Fmeet-the-team%2Frachel-headley%2F” email=”rheadley@nextlevelpartners.net” linkedin=”https://www.linkedin.com/in/reheadley” external=””][/us_person]

Our Clients

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