Contribution Processing
We will work with your team on processing all contributions in a timely manner. In most instances deposits are made on the day checks are received and contributions are imported into NGP on the day they post to the bank. We match contributions with records already in your NGP account so that there is a minimal amount of duplicate records. NLP also makes sure to include source codes and all information given with a contribution including email address, spouse name, phone numbers, employer, and occupation. This allows the committee to feel confident that as much contribution and contact data is in NGP as well as that revenue tracking will be easy.

Potentially Prohibited Contributions
Next Level Partners reviews all contributions BEFORE they go to the bank. That means that any checks that may need forms or follow up to determine if they are permissible are dealt with before making it to the bank. This enables the committee to be confident in the amount raised and amount able to spend without having to worry about large amounts of refunds of impermissible contributions. We will work with your team on the best steps on obtaining the answers needed to accept these potentially prohibited contributions.

Contact Management
NLP will combine duplicates of records with contributions, validate addresses, and handle a first round of looking for employer and occupations. We will work with your team on any remaining missing information so that all reports to the FEC include all required data.

Merchant Account
We can set up and manage your credit card merchant account. You can reach out to us if there are any credit card issues or a contribution needs to be voided or refunded. We also make sure that all contributions that are pushed through NGP’s API system are actually processed by batching and reconciling the credit card deposits with the bank statements.