Next Level Partners works with 501c(3)s and 501c(4)s to track all internal accounting and human resources. We take pride in ensuring that your accounts are both precise and transparent. We know that every dollar you raise is hard earned and we help your staff keep track of every detail.

By receiving and processing all contributions for deposit, processing disbursements and cutting checks to vendors, and updating a daily, shared spreadsheet listing all bank activity, Next Level Partners makes is easy to track your funds from the moment they are received to the moment they are spent. We work with your team and consultants to make sure that the committee is filing all necessary tax returns, tracking expenses to match your budget, and keeping accurate and comprehensive records.

Next Level Partners will also reconcile Quickbooks with all your committee’s bank and merchant accounts every day, making sure that everything adds up, down to the last penny. Being shared on these updated documents allows your staff to make informed decisions a human resources and tax needs, including new hire paperwork, payroll processing, and working with vendors and employees to obtain and send necessary tax documents at the end of each year.