Next Level Partners can handle all of your human resources needs. Once you hire a new employee, just loop us in with that person. We will get them set up with Paychex and obtain all required documentation which will be kept on file in Dropbox. We are also available to answer any questions that staff has about these forms so that managers do not have to learn the ins and outs of payroll documents.

We will reach out a few days before each payroll check date to confirm the people on staff and their pay for that pay period. This makes payroll simple for the committee by just having to reply “yes” to an email for us to run it. We will also work with committee on payroll check dates to manage cash flow and reported disbursements.

Payroll Service Provider – Paychex
Next Level Partners works with Paychex to ensure that payroll is processed by professionals and that all tax returns are done accurately.

Pay Stubs and W2s
We keep electronic copies of all pay stubs and W2s, and while employees can log into Paychex on their own to obtain copies, we will email copies to everyone. This enables staff to spend more time doing what you hired them for and less time tracking down HR documents. We also know that sending copies of pay stubs enables staff to view their taxes and wages and deal with any issues right away versus waiting. This saves the committee money in that we can keep any amendments to a minimum and the costs as low as possible. Also, with staff moving so often email tends to be the best way to confirm that staff is receiving W2s at the end of the year, which also saves the committee on stamps and time tracking down where people moved to.

State and Federal Registrations
NLP will work on registering the committee to ensure accurate payroll processing. This includes income tax withholdings and unemployment deductions. Each state has different registration processes, and we figure out where and how to register the committee so that payroll gets processed correctly.