In addition to offering compliance and accounting services for political campaigns and PACs, Next Level Partners is proud to offer these services to political for-profit companies as well. After over four years of carefully maintaining accurate cash-on-hand totals, receipts, and spending totals for not only countless other organizations but also ourselves, we at Next Level Partners can¬†handle your company’s accounting services. We can work with you on invoicing, cash flow management, and coordination with your accountant for tax filings.

Additionally, thanks to our extensive experience working with political companies as part of our campaign disbursement management services, we have extensive knowledge of many political for-profit companies nationwide, giving us incomparable contacts and relationships around the industry. This experience has allowed us to work closely with these vendors and gain a unique and deep understanding of their invoicing and financial needs, as well as the specific tax needs of for-profit companies like ourselves. Thanks to this experience managing the day-to-day accounting for these companies, you can be sure that when we are work with you, all aspects of your accounting will be completed correctly, efficiently, and transparently.