FEC Reports
Next Level Partners will produce all required FEC reports. These reports will be sent around as early as possible to allow for the most amount of time for review. Reports are produced once all contributions for that reporting period are processed. We include an excel report of all disbursements so that the team can review any purposes that may need to be revised. Reports are submitted after receiving approval from the committee and at the agreed upon date and time.

Report Reconciliation
Each time you file with the FEC, it is necessary to reconcile against the committee’s records to confirm that cash on hand, contributions and disbursements match across all records – NGP, COH Google document, and the bank. This reconciliation is kept on the COH Google document for the committee to review and feel comfortable with the numbers being submitted to the FEC.

FEC Inquiries
From time to time, the FEC will send Requests for Additional Information. These letters need to be replied to in a timely manner and usually just ask for clarification. We will work with your team and an attorney, if necessary, on all responses.