In addition to handling compliance for candidate committees, Next Level Partners is proud to offer compliance services for leadership PACs as well, allowing members of Congress to manage all of their compliance needs in one place. As we do for candidate committees, Next Level Partners will handle all FEC filings to help your PAC comply with all federal regulations, as well as processing all contributions to and disbursements from the leadership PAC. By tracking and reconciling your bank account daily, we ensure that your staff will know exactly who the PAC has contributed to, who you have received contributions from, and if there are any outstanding bills and invoices.

In addition to managing disbursements, our convenient location—only one block away from the DCCC—means that we can easily hand deliver documents or meet to discuss the PAC.

With experience working with dozens of leadership PACs, super/hybrid PACs, and joint committees, our staff is uniquely knowledgeable about specifics of federal regulations for these committees and will ensure that your PAC is always in compliance with the FEC. If we have the privilege to handle compliance for your leadership PAC, you can rest assured that all of your funds will be managed efficiently and effectively.