Next Level Partners is pleased to offer compliance services for joint campaign committees, helping your campaign to maximize its fundraising potential. By having a joint committee, your campaign can can work with other committees at having successful fundraising and events. As we do for candidate committees, Next Level Partners will handle all FEC filings to help your joint committee comply with all federal regulations, as well as processing all contributions, disbursements, and transfers from the joint committee. We work closely with your staff to ensure that you know how much money the committee has at all times and how much can be transferred to the participating committees.

With experience working with dozens of leadership PACs, super/hybrid PACs, and joint committees, our staff is uniquely knowledgeable about specifics of federal regulations for these committees and will ensure that your joint committee is always in compliance with the FEC. If we have the privilege to handle compliance for your joint committee, you can rest assured that all of your funds will be managed efficiently and effectively.